Openings in Quilts

Things Aren't Always Black and WhiteI don’t know when (or why) it happened, but I must confess that I am officially addicted to ‘openings’ in my quilts.  Some people refer to them as holes and I suppose they really are but that sounds like something a moth did, or something done by accident.  My holes (hereafter referred to as openings) are a deliberate design element.



As a modern art quilter (is that a thing?) I have discovered the ultimate in negative space and I am loving it!  To date, I have a few completed projects but rest assured, there are several in the works and about a hundred more in my brain.  Did I mention that I’m addicted?

"Passion"I find it exciting and challenging to see where and how I can use openings to create another layer of interest in my quilts.  How will the mechanics work?  Will it hang straight and flat?  What will the color of the wall coming through the opening to do the colors and design of my fabric choices?  I consider this the 4th dimension to my quilts.  #1 is design, #2 is color, # 3 the quilting and #4 the opening.

Another dimension…Far out!  See you on the other side brother!

That’s a reference to the series Lost…didn’t want that to be lost on you!


  1. I love your Lost reference and your quilts! That is your signature style, Janet!