Practice Makes Perfect

Not really, but it does make things a hell of a lot better!
I have spent the last two days (well, 3 hours yesterday and 4 1/2 hours today) quilting on an old top that has been hanging around for years.
Optical Illusion Quilt
I started this quilt years ago at Byrne Sewing on my Singer featherweight. I got one section done in the class and then realized that I had to use my featherweight to finish. Something about uniform seam allowances..blah, blah, blah. So for some reason this meant that I only worked on it at retreats. Apparently, I’m not allowed to sew on the featherweight when I’m home!?

Anyway, I persevered and finally got it together, kind of. It ain’t great. There are about a gazillion seams and none of them match! Ok, think positive, maybe one or two match. I was still intimidated (aka scared to death) to quilt it. I thought I would ruin it. Duh…how can you ruin something that’s not perfect to start with? So I decided to just start. After much debate about how to quilt it and on what machine, domestic or long arm, I settled on both! I have started on the long arm doing ruler work and will finish the outside curves on my domestic machine since the area is too large for my long arm to make a continuous curve.

I am not a ruler or pantograph kind of girl (too slow, too much thought, etc). I like to do all hand guided designs on my long arm. But this optical illusion design called for straight lines (at least in my mind). So why not just use my domestic machine and a walking foot? I don’t know!!! I mean… I knew the practice would do me good!

The first day was slow and a bit torturous. I had to concentrate so hard that I couldn’t even listen to music! The ruler felt funny and I wasn’t sure how to hold it or where to position it. But I persevered and finished two sections.
Optical Illusion Close Up
The second day I definitely felt more confident and was able to turn on some music. I started out slow, but the more I did, the better I felt. I gained confidence with where and how to position the ruler. Plus, my lines got straighter (mostly) and were spaced more evenly. I did develop an eye twitch about 3 1/2 hours in (Ha!), but was determined to finish the next section, and pushed through it!

I will update as work on this progresses. And I will definitely remember what I heard Michele Scott say once, ‘better done than perfect’! Well, its not done yet, but it will be soon since I need that long arm to do some customer quilts!